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I hate to open this, but i need points so i can purchase things on here later on in the near future.

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Im bad at story telling (in my opinion), but it wont hurt for my to try and improve.

The command ship DSF. Vergo preps to set off to the transwarp gate in the warf-decton sector block. The vessel is currently docked at a deep space DSF shipyard, where it is stocking up on supplies for its voyage into the unknown milkyway galaxy. But alas its mission is to set beacons and satellites in the nearby solar systems so that main intel can analyze the planets for sutable outposts or colonies.

The new recruits that have been assigned to this simple mission are what you would call, arrogant? By normal military standards that is. The Vergo's crew is a total of fifty souls, but with the new rookies, makes if fifty-seven.

The rookies make their way down the docking shaft in a single formed line. First there is pvt argiel, second is pvt lehphtnoch, third pvt azriel, fourth pvt desmus, fifth is pvt leo, sixth is pvt derco, and seventh is pvt claudius. As they make their way into the Vergo's airlock, the atmosphere within feels stale and cold. As the final batch of supplies are loaded into the cargohold, the airlock seals behind claudius as the rookies are cramped inide the small airlock. The room begins to pressurize, as the door infrom of argiel opens. They quickly bail out the airlock and into the B-wing corridor, in front of the group is a security officer, suited in a EVA suit
"Looks like the new recruits are here to witness the new expedition huh. Follow me to the crew deck and we'll assign you your rooms" the officer leads then down the corridor to an elevator, the doors open and they all enter the elevator. The doors close and they decend to the floor below them.
"Looks like you guy's just got out of bootcamp. Relax and stop being so formal! Trust me, its better on the sense of being f you stop acting like a robot and started acting like a soldier" leo speaks softly "whats the difference sir?"
"Oh come on now, you insult me. Think, soldiers make decisions of their own to cope with their mission, as long its the right choice. And robots just follow orders without question, with no feel at all". The doors open as the eight pile out the elevator. "Now your rooms are down to the left corridor, just follow the white line on the floor and you wont miss it. Im going up to the bridge to have a talk withnthe captain." The officer enters the elevator again as the doors close behind them. Azriel "what now?" Argiel "you really need to know? Like he said, head down the white line to the left"
Leo grunts in frustration as he heads to their rooms, the rest follow shortly after bickering for a while. They pick their bunks and place their belongings.

The Vergo's engines fire up as it detaches from teh docking clamps. The engines give a full burn and shortly after they leave the stations control space.


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United States
My personal information is not of imprtance.

I don't do much of anything. Just hanging out on my profile and messages page. But thats it.

Im mainly active on steam, skype, here, and thats about it.

I do like having good chats or role plays.

The main thing im working here at DA is working on three species i made called dahlmorians, cawhgels, and tahlvarians.

I do host's and livestreams here and there.

The tool i use to make my art and work on DA is on my ipod touch fourth gen. I use my pc to host the's and livestreams.

I won't do requests, sorry, used to, but no more.

Want to rp? Send me a note saying you want to rp. Or if you want to addme on skype or steam, note me

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MetaChrisp 1 day ago  New member Student Digital Artist
dude i dont know whats wrong with you but keep doing these creepy things,arts,doodles 'We're all mad here' Emote Sign  Favorites Icon 3D 
E46938 19 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. And i shall ^^
The watch is appreciated man. Let's talk soon bout stuff, hopefully related to Minecraft. Cause I know Minecraft pretty well, but as for other stuff, not so much. 
E46938 Mar 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alright then. And no problem for watching you
Surrealatorium Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the +WATCH! :D
E46938 Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not a problem
RustyCroutons Mar 4, 2014   General Artist
Thanks for watching :D
ur awesome. luv your stuff

do u rp at all?
E46938 Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, i do rp here and there.
Im always up for rp'ing
I have an OC I'd like to use. She is a dragon and her name is Mocha. She's in my gallery. She's kind of a.....mocha color, actually. :giggle: 
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